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Evidence supplied to Planning inspectorat supporting Ecological Owlthorpe as an upstream nature based solution protecting the environment from downstream flooding.

Ref:EO-01 to EO-21

EO-01 Original Objection 21st Feb 2020 My concern has always been about deforestation and downstream flooding.

EO-02 Ecological Owlthorpe an environmental approach Environment Agency, Forestry Commission and Natural England who have jointly committed to nature-based solutions to tackle the climate energency,

EO-03 This is an account of one of the victims of the flooding in Fishlake All the water that flooded Fishlake came from Sheffield rivers including some from the disused mineworks under Owlthorpe courtesy of the Ochre Dyke."

EO-04 River Don Flood Risk at Fishlake The flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/825 shows the last 5days river levels up to 18th January 2021 have been above the 3.18m water level: Flooding is possible."

EO-05 Flood risk assesment Ecological Owlthorpe sets out the reasons not to build in Ecological Owlthorpe using local knowledge and understanding.

EO-06 Height above sea Level and GPS Co-ordinates This evidence shows Fishlake is not local to Owlthorpe and stands 31.2 miles downstream."

EO-07 Grazing Project Grasslands are a valuable environmental

EO-08 Owlthorpe Meadows Invertebrate Survey 2010 By Derek Whiteley, Assistant Ecologist Sheffield City Ecology Unit.

EO-09 Owlthorpe Meadows Invertebrate Survey 2011 Areas surveyed in 2011. Phase 1 grazing fields – outlined in pink. Phase 1A grazing field – outlined in yellow. Phase 2 grazing fields – outlined in green.

EO-10 Owlthorpe Meadows Invertebrate Survey 2012 v2 Records added to Sheffield Biological Records Centre RECORDER database.

EO-11 National Tree Strategy National Tree Strategy (Westminster Hall)
Dan Jarvis Sheffield City Reginal Mayor addressing the National Tree Strategy.

EO-12 Interpretation Board Entrance By zooming in to the interpretation boards on our website you can see the detailed work carried out in producing our Oasis.

EO-13 stemming-the-flow-trees-in-flood-protection Policy Paper Stemming the flow The role of trees and woodland in flood protection.

EO-14 Nicola Dempsy sustainability-11-00360-v2 Ongoing financial public sector budget pressure is adversely affecting the management and quality of parks in the UK.

Eo-15 Nicola Dempsy Her students took an in-depth look at the proposal to build in Owlthorpe by reviewing the local objections. They also studied the interpretation boards that show the extent of environmental work carried out in 2012 under the guidance of Natural England.

EO-16 COP26 - GOV Sky is to sponsor the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

EO-17 List of floods in Sheffield I was caught up in the Sheffield flood of 2007: On 25 June, Sheffield. The pressure of water overwelmed the drainage system, water shot up 5ft in the air out of the grates."

EO-18 Review of Planning and Highways Committee Meeting 2nd June 2020 Sheffield City Council's Planning Meeting on 2nd June 2020. I believe that Sheffield (LPA) may have mislead the Government with regards to the true outcomes of this meeting.

EO-19 Site visit Wednesday 20th January 2021 Local residents of Owlthorpe understand that how in wet months millions and millions of gallons of water are stored in site E and gently released into the Ochre Dyke.

EO-20 the round table event regarding housing supply I sugested to the inspector that Avant Homes should move their project to the disused aerodrome at Norton.

EO-21 Overview of the Ecological Owlthorpe Appeal “Valued green spaces protected for future generations, with more building on brown field land.”


Contact information

Email: holly.dutton@planninginspectorate.gov.uk

Sheffield South East MP is Clive Betts:   clive.betts.mp@parliament.uk

The Environment Secretary Email:  george.eustice.mp@parliament.uk

Environment Agency Email: enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk

Forestry Commission mailto: alastair.suddaby@forestryengland.uk

Natural England Email:   enquiries@naturalengland.org.uk

Sheffield South East Councilors

Cllr Bob McCann:  bob.mccann@councillor.sheffield.gov.uk

Cllr Chris Rosling-Josephs:  chris.rosling-josephs@councillor.sheffield.gov.uk

Cllr Sophie Wilson:  sophie.wilson@councillor.sheffield.gov.uk

In this   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bbYXEDczL-U Sophie Ridge interview George Eustace explains the government's response to UK floods. An extra £4 Billion to be spent on flood defenses. In Yorkshire , up stream nature based solutions are to be supported. We all need to ask our local MP and councilors why they have not applied for funds to protect Ecological Owlthorpe as an upstream nature based solution to protect the environment against floo

Please help save Owlthorpe Heritage & Nature Trail by

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